The artwork of Nebraska native D. Lee is driven by an obsession to capture the dynamic and fleeting beauty of nature.  Growing up, she and her three brothers were always on various outdoor adventures, exploring and just enjoying nature.  Her father use to tell her “never miss a sunrise or a sunset because they will never be repeated.” This left a strong impression on Lee who to this day finds endless joy in rising each day to see each new sunrise.

Retirement presented the precious gift of time to explore a lifetime of pent-up creative energy.  It was time to take the suit off, get into the studio and create! Self-taught and self-directed, Lee began painting with oils and acrylics and even explored watercolors.  Then, she discovered a relatively new ink that is alcohol based and a new, passionate love affair began. “Alcohol ink has a mind of its own which brings with it many challenges as well as a sense of liberation.  It is unpredictable, mesmerizing and addictive! ” Lee states.  She successfully coaxes dynamic expressions from this unpredictable medium in colorful themes of landscapes, the ocean, mountains, animals, and of course – sunrises and sunsets.  Her artwork creations are abstract, representational as well as whimsical. If her paintings spark a desire in you to embark on your own nature adventure, or wake up early to catch a sunrise, then success is achieved!

Lee’s passion for creating also extends into artisan soap making, one-of-a-kind jewelry and limited edition gift collections.